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What is a Retail Incubator?

Shop Local!

Local First ArizonaAccording to Local First Arizona, $42 of every $100 spent in a locally owned business stays right here in Arizona. However, only $13 of every $100 spent at a national chain stays right here in Arizona.

Barnaby Street Shoppes has seen the impact the changes in the economy has had on our community and believes that we can make a difference by supporting the shop local movement. The opportunity to have a positive impact in our community is truly exciting.

In watching the entrepreneurs develop their business from an idea into their own full scale retail business is rewarding. In addition to supporting local business owners, the benefits of buying local are passed onto the consumers.

As a consumer, if the items you purchase do not have to travel thousands of miles to the store where you shop the cost is reduced. And who does not want to save money?


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