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What is a Retail Incubator?


Why a Retail Incubator Program?

The Barnaby Street Shoppes retail incubator program is the opportunity for small businesses to start in a retail store front program allowing them time to develop into their own space.  The incubator program allows business owners to build their clientele, their business skills, and prepare for their own store front. The program at Barnaby Street Shoppes is where small business owners meet the opportunity they have been waiting for to happen. Our program is focused on supporting you as the business owner through business education opportunities, guest speakers, and business operations basics such as establishing credit card systems, marketing, banking, product displays, and hands-on experiences.

Retail incubator programs are a dynamic way to connect small business owners to a store front that allows for the business to grow. This growth can be in a variety of ways whether due to the current economy to build a strong business foundation for continual grow or a new startup retail business. We feel as though you should move into your own store from within 18 to 20 months. This will allow you to build capital for your own store front while you have learned and developed your business skills over time. We are here to support you throughout the growth in your business, just ask!  

How to Join our Program

Barnaby Street Shoppes is seeking determined business owners who have a desire to build a successful business. If you are interested in becoming a retailer at the Barnaby Street Shoppes we have a small application process for you to complete to ensure we are the right fit for you and your business.

Step 1: Schedule and complete an initial tour of Barnaby Street Shoppes.
Step 2: Complete the Retailer Application and include your business plan.
Step 3: Complete an interview with the Program Director.
Step 4: Complete the final tour.

It is required that you complete each step as well as an approval from Barnaby Street Shoppes’ management to be part of our retailer incubator program. We will review your application and additional documents submitted. If you are approved to be a part of our retailer incubator program, we think your business is likely to be successful.

How does it all work? Once we accept you into the program and you are ready to go, there will be a few set-up steps to bring your business to Barnaby Street Shoppes.

Step 1: Schedule and complete the signing of the rental paperwork.
Step 2: Move in and set-up.
Step 3: Start selling.

We recommend you taking some time to walk through Barnaby Street Shoppes to see how other retailers are utilizing their store front space. You will want to identify the basic necessities for your business.

A key component to all retail businesses is being open at the right time.

Our Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 10 AM - 5 PM

The monthly cost of $359.64 for a 8’x10’ standard store front which includes electricity, air-conditioning, security and alarm systems, Wi-Fi, City of Surprise rental taxes, business education with guest speakers, and music. Our set-up includes a location that is easy to load and unload your merchandise. Our shoppes’ space is well maintained with a boutique touch. Our Marketing Co-op program provides you with an option for a monthly credit towards your rent for advertising that you complete. All advertising must be pre-approved by Barnaby Street Shoppes.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity to be successful at Barnaby Street Shoppes. Our focus is supporting each business owner and watching them move into their own retail store front. We believe that through our retail incubator program if you take advantage of all the tools provided to you along with your skills and abilities, and your products you will find success much faster than doing this alone. Please remember that the bottom line is, this is your business. It is your opportunity to gain success through knowledge, experience, and excellence. We are looking forward to having you join the Barnaby Street Shoppes’ team of retailers!

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